Top 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn With The Highest Salaries


If you are a person who wants to become a coder or is at least interested in programming, then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to talk about top programming languages, and we are going to list some guidelines for individuals who are finding it hard to pick one among best programming languages to learn. Taking a look at the popularity, public demand, and keeping an eye at the future, we are going to guide you about the top 10 programming languages. But before that, for the people who do not know about these languages, here is an overview of it.

What is a programming language?

TOP 10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn

A programming language, also known as the coding language, is a particular set of commands designed to instruct your computer to do a specific task. Like any other language in the world, there are rules and regulations governing it. The syntax, or what we can say as the grammar and vocabulary, of each language is different from another language. The type of language you choose to code determines what kind of applications you are going to make.

The top 10 Best programming languages

So, here are the most popular programming languages. We have put our best efforts to categorize them concerning their applications, popularity, what you can do with it, the job openings, and earning.

Top 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn With The Highest Salaries


Without any doubt, Java is the king. It is at the top of the list of most popular programming languages. It is used by around 9 billion developers, and stats suggest that there are 7 million devices running across the globe with software that operates on Java principles. One can use it for developing computer software, smartphone applications, and even link it with the smart TV development. According to PayScale, the average salary of a Java developer is $73,268.


JavaScript got a huge boost in recent years. It is seen as one of the most dynamic and powerful languages around the globe. Previously, it was to give finishing touches to the front end of a web page. However, today, there are a number of frameworks that not only allow you to control front end but you can also work with the backend of a website, make desktop applications, and even mobile apps with this language. The best part about it is that you can run the language on almost any OS in the world. The average earning of JavaScript developer according to Glassdoor is $72,500.


There are certain languages that are general purpose and are being used on a wide scale today. Many universities around the globe choose it as the starter language for their students. The job growth concerning Python is exceptional, and according to GitHub PYPL, it has 16.3% share. One can use it for desktop applications, web applications, and data mining. Python developer can earn from $90,000 up to $110,000.


PHP is almost everywhere. You will find it on PYPL, at TIOBE, and almost any place where anyone talks about the web development languages. I, being a PHP developer, can say that it is a highly powerful language that allows you to manipulate the backend of any site. You can consider the fact that around 70 80 percent of all websites you have today, including the top guns like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and WordPress, are operating on it. Payscale suggests the average salary of PHP developer as $61,405.


When you are talking about the programming languages, you cannot only take the C family out of the equation. C# is around us since 2000, and it is being used as the backbone in frameworks such as Microsoft .NET to build various applications. Even today, you can find it in the shadows of PHP and Java which reflects on its importance. The sources at Glassdoor state average salary of C# developer somewhere among $75,000 up to $90,000.


We just seem to be unable to get out of the C as here is another language from the family. C++ is at number 3 in TIOBE index and 6th spot in PYPL index. It is the enhanced version of C language and is pretty much powerful. One can use it for building system software, gaming engines, applications that can be desktop or the web. However, for beginners, it may be a bit tight considering other options like JavaScript and Python available to them. The developer of c++, as per the verdict of the payscale, can earn an average income of $70,641.

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C is perhaps the grandfather of all languages. You just simply cannot ignore the fact that many high-level languages that you are working with in modern era are actually built on C. It was a language that played a critical role in the making of high-level languages, and it has made programming easier for us. You can almost do anything with it considering the virtual machines. Although there may not be many jobs, but one simply cannot neglect its power. You may take it out of the account, but the average salary of C developer is $100,000.


When you open up the index, you may find that there are some other languages that we have not mentioned here above Swift. However, we felt like it perfectly belongs to this spot because of its overall growth. It is developed by Apple and the building block for anything that Apple manufactures. You can use it for making apps that run on iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, tvOS, and you can write small chunks of code to do important tasks. The average income of Swift coders is $80,395.


Perl got a big jump when it comes to popularity. For many channels, it has come ahead of swift. However, we mentioned it here because now, statistically, you have two different Perl languages like Perl 5 and Perl 6. Both modules are general purpose and dynamic, making a decent impact on the CGI and graphics network. The median earning of Perl developers, according to their skill level, is from $75,000 to $110,000.

Ruby on Rails

Lastly, in our list of top programming languages, we have Ruby on Rails. Number 10 in TIOBE and 12 in PYPL, this one is another general purpose language widely used for making web apps. It is actually a framework where you code in Ruby language on Rails framework. It is developing at a rapid speed and has decent community support available. The ruby developers averagely earn $73,866.

Honorable Mention: Visual Basic.NET

We were just unable to take out Visual Basic.NET. Therefore, we have it as an honorable mention in our list of top 10 programming languages. It is being developed by Microsoft, and one can create Web Apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps, with the help of this language. It is at number 6 in TIOBE index and number 14 in PYPL index. The average income of VB .NET coder is $60,821.