How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress


Facebook instant articles for WordPress is not a difficult way to start but it is little tricky and logical. This is a simple way with which you can post articles on Facebook as per the need and these Facebook instant articles adds can be more convenient and useable for WordPress use. You have to follow some important steps for this cause in which 1st of all you have to manage the section of document that design your articles, formatting, references and monetization. For this you can get depth of information and customized and advanced features and options.facebook instant articles

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Essential Features and Options

Those essential and advanced features are:

  • Sign Up

If you don’t have any account on facebook then you have to sign up the account and create a page on facebook where you can publish the articles. You can get the tools where you will use to get started. You need to setup the setting by going to publishing tools on the top and select configuration on the left side navigation bar.

  • Create a Style

You have to create two or more designs and styles so that you can customize the look of the page and create the best facebook instant articles. You also need to create a specific logo for your page articles which will appear on every article before you submit that article for review. If you want to modify or edit the style or design you need to go on configuration and publishing tools.

  • Import Your Articles

Now you have to decide how you will publish your articles on facebook which can easily convert in instant articles. The important thing to be noticed is the publishing platform and if that platform which you are using is third party e.g. WordPress or Drupal then you may follow the content management system. You can also build a dedicated RDD feed.

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  • Connect Your Site

You should now allow your site to convert your all articles in the instant articles and to register your site’s URL you must go to the configuration and then publishing tools. If you are using WordPress plugin then you just need to put URL.

  • Submit 5 Articles for Review

Every new publisher who wants to manage his or her Facebook page for the instant articles has to submit 5 articles on the page. Those articles will be reviewed in two working days and to publish these articles you have to follow the same setting to go to configuration and then further.

  • Begin Sharing

Once you have published your instant articles and those articles get approved, you are ready to go further. Now when you need to publish your articles on the page you just go to new post and paste the link of the article there.

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All the advanced and necessary features mentioned above are very important to manage instant article on facebook for WordPress.

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