How to Make Money Online Using Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where people share their personal world with the social media creature. Technology is bringing world closer due to such versatile social media platforms. Today, every person has friends in the other corner of the world. Facebook is not only a source of staying in touch with the global world but also make people earn extra dollars. Most of the people do not know that they can earn money on Facebook as well. You will find lots of ways to earn money on Facebook from creating a fan-page to using link-type advertising programs. People often use this platform to advertise and sell their products as millions of people are there to buy the products.

With the tremendous increase in the technological products, Facebook has become the biggest business platform in the world. The popular brands are now creating their Facebook pages to build their brand and increase traffic. Let’s get to know about this great source of income:

How to Make Money Online On Facebook

What is Facebook audience network?

A Facebook Audience Network allows you extend your ad promotions beyond Facebook to reach more customers on apps and websites across different smart gadgets. This network is a collection of websites and mobile apps approved by Facebook. This network uses the same Facebook targeting to ensure that each ad on this network assists you to reach your campaign goals. It offers native ads which enhance the user experience by making ads. A survey indicated that forty percent of the best 500 apps are integrated with this network.

facebook audience network

Reason to advertise on the Facebook Audience Network

There are different reasons to advertise on the Facebook Audience Network. With every new day, there is a new business on the top social platform, and Facebook is running out of space for ads in the news feeds. That is why Facebook opened up new places to put the ads on Facebook including the Audience Network.

Benefit of the facebook ad network for publishers

The ads run on the Audience Network use the same images, text or videos as the ads on Facebook that run in News Feed. Facebook is the best platform to earn money if you know the right way of using the Facebook ad network. The ads on the Facebook are quite powerful to increase sale. A publisher can easily measure it on both mobile and personal computer or desktop. It allows the marketers to extend the reach with a single click. The Facebook Audience Network is available in all ad interfaces. Once the campaign starts on the Audience Network, the system optimizes and deliver it accordingly. The Facebook ads network is designed to help the publisher and marketer to meet the major business objectives like driving engagement. The Audience Network deliver add in three different formats to meet the demands of the marketer.

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What are Facebook instant articles?

The Facebook Instant Articles is a mobile optimised publishing format that allows the new publishers to distribute the articles to mobile app of Facebook that displays and load much faster than the standard mobile web. This platform was built to solve the slow loading problems on the mobile web. The Facebook instant article was tested with few partners in May 2015. That survey indicated that the instant articles receive twenty percent more clicks than the mobile web articles. It also reported that a person who once clicks on the Instant Article is less likely to close the article without reading.

facebook instant articles

Steps to create Facebook Instant Articles

Follow the steps listed below to create the Instant Articles on Facebook:

  • The first thing that you have to do to create an account to join the program.
  • Then choose your favorite Facebook page for which you would like to activate articles.
  • After selecting a particular page, provide the URL that you intend to use for your article. It is the basis for the URLs of all your blogs. Claim the URL and then add it to your
  • Now, start activating articles. Your articles will be published directly from your Content Management System. You don’t need to recreate the articles as you can synchronize your blog through the Facebook publishing tools with the Instant Articles.
  • You can customise the styling of your articles during setup.
  • Once you complete all the above steps, you can submit your articles for review. Facebook will verify the format of your articles. It will take less than 48 hours to review all submissions.

Process of instant articles monetization

Writers, videographers, and bloggers are creating content across different platforms and monetize them accordingly. The Facebook Instant Articles is gaining massive popularity. There are two major ways to monetize the Facebook Instant Articles including Brander content and Direct-sold ads. Facebook allows you to monetize your articles in both the ways.

·       Branded Content

Another way to monetize the instant articles is through creating a brand content. It is a sponsored content about a particular service or product. Most of the time, the media companies publish branded content to generate revenue from their content.

·       Direct-Sold Ads

One of the major sources of income for all the publishers and content creators is the advertisements. This method of monetizing the instant articles is doing wonders for the publishers. You can designate the ads to their particular positions inside the articles by using the “Ad” element.

How to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads?

Affiliate marketing is a way to get people buy something from a page you posted. It is one of the best ways of earning money via Facebook. There are different strategies of affiliate marketing, but Facebook ads are the most common one. Facebook can have a large impact on increasing your sales. Facebook set some strict rules about the format of an ad, so it might require bit effort to submit your ad. Once submitted, this ad can promote your products or services and affiliate links. Affiliate links could be very powerful when used with a blog. You have to add images as pictures speak louder than words. Humans are visual creatures, so you will have to attach an eye-catching image to increase the sales.