How to get six in Ludo Star Game


Ludo Game which made some month ago its called Ludo Star Game, but it became popular in people due to its unique idea. It’s a crazy trend on internet same which some year ago like Candy Crush, Prisma App or Dubsmash.

How to get six in ludo

That’s Game download over a Million times. Free of cost available on IOS (Apple) and Android Smartphone. In this Article, I’m going to teach you How to Get Six in Ludo Star Game.

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So Today we are going to share with you amazing trick of Ludo Star which allows you to Get Six in Ludo Every time.

Ludo Game Player is Very Happy if they get Six whenever required. Ludo Star Game Work on time base system. Now I’m going to show you How to get six in Ludo Star Game.


In this Article, I’m not going to provide knowledge about How to hack Ludo star Game because it tricks or hidden feature in Ludo Game which uses to get six in Ludo Star Game.

Get Six in Ludo Game Ludo Star Game Six in Ludo Star Game

This method is straightforward because it’s all time playing. If the screen running time is understood, then Players can take six whenever they want. In the above image, you can easily see that the clock comes at 3-4 then six comes. If I speak, in other words, it is just so much that this game gives numbers on the clock system rather than random number system.

If you want to learn more to understand correctly, then you can watch below Video Tutorials in Urdu and Hindi. This video will guide you better. You can see in this video when time on right place then I press on dice and six number comes. With this player easily win whole game

How to get six in Ludo Game In Urdu & Hindi

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