Top Best Native Ad Networks for Online Publishers


If you are a website owner or an online publisher, you might have come across the native ads. They are taken as the future of the ads. The ads are almost on every single site that we have on the internet today. There are plenty of different advertisement types available to you, and many online networks are working to help you generate some revenue through your sites. A lot of buzz surrounds the native advertising, and here, we are going to discuss what it is and some top native ad networks.

Top Best Native Ad Networks for Online Publishers

What is native advertising?

And we must admit that it is annoying too to have something just pop up in our face when we are searching for something else. However, what we do not dislike is the fact that we are searching for a drink and come across something like ‘how coca cola was made’ which is sponsored by the company. This type of advertisement is known as the native ad.

In other words, it is about overthrowing the traditional ad banners and all that annoying pop-up and sidebar ads and replacing it with something useful for the readers. No one minds it when he is browsing through clothes section of a website and comes across ‘the top trends in modern era’ which is sponsored by one of the best brands around. At one side, it contains the tag of the brand thus is taken as an advertisement of that brand while on the other hand, it also provides reader something useful, something that the reader is more likely to be clicking at.

Top native ad networks

So, as promised, here are some of the best native ad networks around.


The RevContent is among the fastest growing native ad platforms. Although they started around 5 years after the Taboola and Outbrain kicked off, they are catching up the pace real quick. According to the sources, the Revcontent is outnumbering both platforms mentioned above, and stats suggest that it reaches to more people than YouTube and Amazon! To name a few partners, the Revcontent is working with Newsweek, International Business Times, Diply, etc. They are the largest European content recommending site and have strict criteria for accepting the sites. It has been stated that they reject around 98% of the sites that apply.

revcontent ad networks

Publisher Requirements:

  • Traffic Minimum: 50,000 per Month.

Advertisers and Offers:

  • Ads Type: Native Ads, Widget, Sponsored Content.
  • Offer Types: CPM, CPC

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The AdNow is another network that has not been in the market since too long. However, the impact that they have is high, and you just cannot neglect their performance. They took off in 2014, and since then, they never looked back. Right now, they are working with around 200K partners and are serving their clients with over 4 billion impressions monthly through 900 million worldwide users. It collaborates with both website as well as mobile applications and presents a targeted recommendation that contains the sponsored content. The registration process is fairly straightforward and won’t take longer than 5 minutes to start. You get a code to place on your site, and minimum payout is $20 which you can withdraw through PayPal or wire transfer.

Adnow -native advertising platforms

The best part about AdNow is that it aids you in promoting your own content with the help of self-serve platform mechanism. It allows for 50% boost in page views which is heaven for any online publisher. The ads are moderated, and in case that you need help, you get a person who can speak your language to help you out.


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Talking about native ad networks and not mentioning the Outbrain won’t be fair. It is among the earliest advertising networks that started with the native ads and a platform which aids businesses and brands to reach a broad range of audience. It distributes the content with the help of media giants such as ESPN, CNN, The Daily Telegraph, etc. Along with these giants, it also has an array of small publishers to promote the content.

outbrain -native advertising platform

As the statistics suggest, more than 35K websites are making use of Outbrain, and 150 billion recommendations are there to be shown to people. It also generates 15 billion page views per month, and the audience they reach include 87% of the internet users from the United States.

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taboola -best native advertising platform

Another comparatively older network and the rival of Outbrain is Taboola. It is one of the more popular platforms that provides native ads under the widget of ‘content you may like’ that contains a number of posts from different sources. It does not only show articles but also promote content through slideshows and videos. Their network includes the big fishes such as BBC, USA Today, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, etc.

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Last but not the least, we will talk about the Gravity. It is a network that comes with a beautiful statement as they aim to personalize the entire web. In order to understand the interest of a user, they have made some tremendous efforts and try to provide the most appropriate recommendations. They use a real time tracker to consider the web pages, tweets, and status that a person publishes. Moreover, even for the partners, there is a personalization plugin using which one can put up relevant content on his or her website.

Gravity native ad networks

Then there is the publisher network which brands, advertisers, and content producers can access. From there, they can promote the stories and ensure a better reach and visibility. The prominent partners working with Gravity include Sony, Intel, Toshiba, WordPress, etc. It makes it a native ad network that people must look up to.

Final note

So, these are a few top native ad networks that you can use to generate some revenue. Other than these, you have Navito, TripleLift, MGID, Yahoo Gemini,, NativeAds, Adblade,  AdYouLike, Spoutable, Earnify, Plugz, redirect, and adds native.

Note that the native ad networks have their own criteria for selection. Some are pretty strict when it comes to working with them while others are comparatively easy to enter. However, before you may effort, ensure that you have an active website that has decent traffic flow. Else, you may not be able to generate a handsome revenue with native advertising.